Served all day


Bacon OR Sausage Sandwich           £3.75      

                   Vegan sausage available                                                      

  • add egg for an extra 50p 

Scrambled Eggs on Toast (V)       £3.50

Toasted teacake (V)                £2.25

        served with butter 

Toast (V)                                           £2.00

  served with butter/vegan spread/jam

Organic Porridge (V)                     £3.50

      served with blueberries, flaked   

           almonds and honey 


One Slice of Toast                           £1.00

      with jam and butter/vegan spread

Beans on Toast                                £1.50

Scrambled Eggs on Toast             £2.00

Lunch Meal Deal                              £3.50

half a sandwich or

       jacket potato, cucumber sticks 

       and yoghurt with a carton of fruit 



       Cake                                      £2.50

      Cupcake                                 £2.00

Brownie (VE) (GF)                                   £2.50           

Cookie                                            £1.50


Sandwich                                      £4.50

                         served on white, granary or gluten free                                 

bread, with crisps and fresh salad

Ham Salad

Tuna Mayo

Cheese & Pickle (V)

                       vegan cheese available

Toastie/Panini                         £4.75

served on white, granary or gluten free 

bread OR a panini - white ciabatta, with crisps and 

fresh salad 

Ham & Cheese

Tuna Melt

Cheese & Tomato (V)

       vegan cheese available

Jacket Potato

served with fresh salad

With butter/vegan spread              £3.00

  • Add fillings:

Tuna Mayo                          £1.00

Beans (V)                                    50p

Cheddar Cheese (V)               85p

     Vegan cheese available


Hummus Platter (VE)                      £4.25

       served with olives, cucumber and 

        toasted pitta 

Falafel & Hummus Pitta (VE)         £5.00 

        served with fresh salad

Grilled Halloumi Pitta (V)          £5.00

       served with fresh salad




Espresso                           £2.10

Americano                         £2.40

Latte                                   £2.70

Cappuccino                       £2.70

Flat White                          £2.60

Mocha                                 £2.80

Babyccino                           £1.00

  • add extra shot/syrup   50p


Milk alternative available: Oat milk


Pot of Tea for 1                  £1.90

    choose from English Breakfast, 

    Earl Grey, Peppermint, Berry, 


Pot of Tea for 2                 £2.50

   choose from English Breakfast, 

   Earl Grey, Peppermint, Berry, 


Hot Chocolate                   £2.70

  With whipped cream          £2.95

   and marshmallows             

Cold Drinks

Cans                                    £1.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, 7Up Free, Pepsi Max

Juice                                  £1.50

Glass of orange or apple


Juice Carton                         80p 

Orange or apple juice     

Squash                                  50p